The Doorway of Change – Thrive Through Uncertainty

We all want to start the new year in a positive productive way!

When the current climate produces hostility for obtaining and retaining permanent tenants, I feel, it is our role as letting agents, to ensure we create a comfortable safe environment for longevity.

We have been extremely fortunate to have most of our portfolio at full occupancy during the pandemic and I believe it is because of our management strategy.

We endeavour to create sustainable tenancies by working closely with our tenants. Building personal relationships that ensures good communication and trust between both parties. This is really important to us as a business.

What we must also realise is that our tenants have had and continue to have their own personal struggles during lockdown.

I have faith that this is all temporary and something that we should all learn from.

We should focus on getting through the NOW, with our properties and filling the voids until we are back in the new stable lifestyle that we are all dreaming of and miss incredibly.

If we are to be successful for the year ahead, we must learn, adapt to the necessary change and push through for a productive and fulfilling 2021.

Smart Properties are here to assist you as we want everyone to have a positive year ahead!

Our focus is supporting landlords by building their rental property back up into a premium investment property. We will create a welcoming and safe environment for your long term tenants to be happy to reside in.

We want to help your investment property produce a good return.

If you are not happy with your current letting agent, you feel that there is no communication, that your property is not being taken care of, you feel there is too many voids, that there is an extensive turnover of tenants or if you are unsure if the most important legal compliance side of your letting isn’t being taken care of; feel free to give us a call, we are always here to help. 

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